Your Core and Your Golf Game

Your Core and Your Golf Game

Sergio Garcia just won the Masters.  What can improve your golf game?

We all know that most professional golfers have golf fitness training to improve their swings. The training program will certainly include core training as working out the core muscles can be a great benefit to their golf swing. The problem is that many weekend and amateur golfers may not understand what is core training all about and its relevance to their playing better games.

The core is the anatomical area of the human body from above the knees to below the chest. This area includes all the muscles, nerves, and bones within this anatomical part. It must also be noted that the core includes all the neuromuscular structures on the front, side, and back of our bodies and the muscles usually most emphasized on are the lower back and abdominal muscles.

Core training is important to all golfers because this is the part of the body where the majority of the golf swing occurs. For example, the golf swing requires you to rotate around a fixed spine angle. Most of the muscles allowing the rotation to occur around a fixed spine angle are found in the core area.

As part of executing the swing, the golfer will have to execute a full shoulder turn. The muscles allowing the shoulders to turn are again mostly found in the core. Now can you see why it is so important to have core training to play better golf?

It is a fact that executing a good golf swing requires good flexibility, balance, momentum, strength and power. If the body is unable to perform these functions effectively, then the effectiveness of the golf swing is greatly compromised. It goes to say that since a large portion of the movements in the golf swing occur within the core, isn’t it obvious that by developing and working out the core is necessary to improve your golf swing?

One of the major component of core training in relation to the golf swing is cross-specificity training. Cross-specificity training is working out with exercises which train the body to the positions, movements, and requirements of a golf game. A good core training program for golf must train the body for the anatomical positions, movements and actions.

All golfers will want to increase their distances. Increase in distance in the golf swing means that there is an increased in clubhead speed and that an increased clubhead speed is directly related to the player’s power output in his swing. Increasing the power in the swing is then linked to the swing mechanics of the body and the club. This of course affects the power outputs generated by the golfer. This is defined as the ability to create the greatest amount of force in a short amount of time.

When the golfer is able to increase the ability of his body to generate more power, then the swing is more powerful as there will be an increased in clubhead speed and of course, the traveling distance of the golf ball will increase proportionately.

In order to do this, golfers have to improve power outputs by the body and this power output is mostly generated from the core. So by increasing the force outputs of the muscles around the core, you can certainly improve the power in the swing.

So if you want to play better golf and be able to swing the ball further, then you should include core training in your golf fitness program.  For the best in online personal training, contact us today and get your our workout program for only $99 per month.

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