You need resistance exercise in your home workout for fat loss.

You need resistance exercise in your home workout for fat loss. provides the best in online personal training. We design a awesome home workout or gym workout for you to follow so you can meet your fitness goals. With your personalized home workout plan you can lose weight, tone up, or pack on muscle.

Many women looking to lose weight hit the treadmill for long periods of time or try to take up running. For me, I find this form of exercise incredibly boring and if your goal is weight loss, and not to compete in triathlon, steady state cardio is not a great way to lose weight.
A recent study was performed to assess the effect of baseline body weight and composition on body fat change in response to a 12-week aerobic exercise program in premenopausal women and to determine whether changes in body weight or composition during the first 4 weeks of the program were predictive of changes at the end of the program.
Eighty-one sedentary premenopausal women participated in 12 weeks of supervised treadmill walking 3 days per week for 30 minutes at 70% of VO2 max. VO2 max is a measure of the maximum volume of oxygen that an athlete can use.
Overall, women did not lose body weight or fat mass. However, considerable individual variability was observed for changes in body weight. Fifty-five women were classified as compensators and, as a group, gained fat mass. The short of it was steady state cardio is not the most effective way to drop weight and lose fat. Resistance training incorporated into circuit training is simply the most effective way to get the job done.
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