How Does Carrying a Single Strap Golf Bag Affect Your Game?

How Does Carrying a Single Strap Golf Bag Affect Your Game?

If you are over 40 years old you may still have your single strap golf bag.   Old habits die hard.

But how does carrying a single strap golf bag affect your golf game and performance.

Use A Double-Strap Golf Bag

A Double-Strap Golf Bag Reduces Your Metabolic Costs

What does this mean?  In simple terms, the double-strap will help your golf game because you won’t be exhausting so much effort carrying the bag.  This might seem obvious for anyone who has used a single-strap and a double-strap bag – the double-strap bag is more comfortable!

But it goes beyond comfort.

It’s Not Just Comfort

In fact, studies have shown that the double-strap bag results in lower oxygen consumption, lower heart rate during play and lower rate of perceived exertion.  Moreover, the asymmetrical load that the single-strap bag provides will alter the relationship of your center of mass to your base of support requiring muscle activation to maintain your upright position – you bend to the side when you use a single-strap bag.  The increased muscle activation creates higher demands on your breathing and heart rate.  The lower metabolic costs and increased comfort will facilitate the ability to play golf for longer periods of time without fatigue.

Less fatigue will not only help your golf game but may lead to fewer injuries. Other studies have found that golfers with injuries reported a perception of fatigue following a day of golf significantly more often than those without injury.

The bending on the spine that you experience with a single-strap bag alters your joint mechanics and creates shearing force at the joint, adds stress to supporting ligaments, causes forces to be distributed over a smaller surface area, and increases compressive forces by contracting muscle.  This may certainly predispose you to injury.

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