Tennis Conditioning with the Ultimate Tennis Workout

Take Your Tennis Game to the Next Level

Nothing can replace the practice sessions on the court – hitting your groundstrokes, practicing your serve and smashing your volleys.  But how do you take your tennis game to the next level?  The Ultimate Tennis Workout provides you with a 12-week tennis conditioning program.  The Ultimate Tennis Workout is a guide to a strength and conditioning exercises that will help you generate more power, move faster and explode your tennis skills.

Strength training supplements your complete conditioning for tennis with your practice work on the court.  In 12 weeks this tennis conditioning program will elevate your game.   Ever think “What if I could hit my serve with more power?”, “I wish I could generate more oomph on my backhand”, or “Why does it feel like I’m running in cement?”  The Ultimate Tennis Workout will provide you with answers – more power, more oomph, more speed – elements that every tennis player needs on the court.

Never before has a tennis conditioning program been developed to focus on all elements of your game – speed, power and stamina.  Traditionally, “running lines” out on the court was the go to “tennis conditioning program”.  The Ultimate Tennis Workout develops your “tennis muscles” so you can achieve your goals.  The old theory was that strength training would make you “muscle bound”, you’d become less flexible, you wouldn’t even be able to raise your arm over your head to hit a serve.  But these are just myths.  Proper strength and conditioning allow you to develop more power on your shots and more speed on the court.

The Ultimate Tennis Workout takes you step by step through the various exercises, set ranges, rep ranges, frequency and load amounts to bring out the best in your tennis game.

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