Give Me 2 Hours Per Week to Improve Your Golf Game

Give Me 2 Hours Per Week to Improve Your Golf Game

Correcting energy leaks in your movement will benefit the over-40 golfer.

Strength training for golf will improve your game, even as other golfers continue to watch their game decline into middle age

As you get older you naturally lose muscle, things start to hurt and you certainly don’t feel like you did when you were 20. Maybe “functional training” is the way to go? It’s all the rage. But no matter how you want to strength train, if your ability to move properly is impaired, you have to fix it. Fix those movement problems and your golf game will improve as well, especially as you move through your 40s and beyond. The proper strength training for golf regimen is a must.

Age Shouldn’t Keep Your Golf Game Back

You should be able to perform 5 basic movement patterns: deep squat, hurdle step, in-line lunge, active straight leg raise, and the seated rotation. If you can’t perform one or more of these movement patterns, you need to work on them more so than your back swing or your follow through. Naturally, as we age it becomes more difficult to move properly. But don’t fear, with only 2 hours of time per week, we can help you fix those movement issues.

We can work with you on a training plan that focuses on improving and correcting these movement patterns so you can play better. The first step to to determine where the problems exist. We progress from balance training to core training to strength training to power/speed/agility training and eventually to a performance program. The whole program is designed to improve your golf game. The best part is that you can do the program online or in person. We’re so confident you will improve we guarantee it.

Better Movement for Better Golf

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