Diet Strategies that Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss Efforts

Diet Strategies that Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss Efforts

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Dieters have different weight loss strategies. Some dieters control their appetites and totally avoid foods that cause them to overeat. Others exercise portion control. These are usually people who are unable to resist their desire to eat. By practicing portion control, they are able to satisfy their desire to eat and control the amount of food they consume at the same time.

On a superficial level, this practice appears to be a good way of striking a balance between indulging the appetite and exercising portion control. However, this weight loss strategy is not as harmless as it seems.

A study was made by some health experts aimed at finding out if the practice of portion control can indeed generate weight loss. Results of the study showed that portion control does have a positive effect on weight management. However, one has to live an active lifestyle to be able to benefit from this practice. The study also showed that this technique often resulted in the slowing down of the metabolism. This is certainly not good news for dieters because a sluggish metabolism does not efficiently burn off calories. In fact one reason why exercise has to be done on a regular basis is to keep the metabolism active.

Aerobic activity in particular increases the metabolic rate both during exercise and even several hours after.

The researchers likewise found that a slowed down metabolism is the result of problematic digestion. It may also be due to an individual going through too many fad diets. As far as weight loss is concerned however, the practice of portion control is not the most effective way to maximize weight loss. On the contrary, it can actually cause more problems.

Another weight loss strategy that even some health experts recommend is to eat smaller meals with more frequency throughout the day. The truth is that this practice can actually be counterproductive because it can lead to food addiction. A person may start off exercising portion control but when he or she becomes addicted to a certain food, the intense desire to eat would eventually overpower the original aim of controlling food portions and the dieter would soon start cheating on the diet.

Diet strategies are not the best way to achieve and sustain weight loss. The best and surest way to do it is to make wise lifestyle choices. Shifting to a diet that includes large amounts of fiber, calcium, vitamins, minerals, and potassium promotes natural weight loss and good health as well without the loopholes and complications of diet strategies.

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