CrossFit – Love It or Hate It?

CrossFit – Love It or Hate It? provides the best in online personal training. We design a awesome home workout or gym workout for you to follow so you can meet your fitness goals. With your personalized home workout plan you can lose weight, tone up, or pack on muscle.

The whole idea behind Garage Workout is that we provide you with a great workout that you could literally do in your garage. Curiously, CrossFit was born in a garage about 20 years ago – and nothing causes more love or hate than CrossFit today. (Hate for some reasons that you might not expect according to this Wall St. Journal article.)
CrossFit’s influence over the past several years is undeniable, however. Whereas five years ago one could go to a commercial gym and see no one doing a deadlift. Now, it’s almost impossible to get a squat rack at your local 24 Hour Fitness because so many people are emulating the CrossFit workouts.
But are they safe? The basis of the CrossFit workout includes a lot of complicated lifts for reps and/or time. Opponents claim that the inherent fatigue of the lifts involved result in poor form – and injury. The other problem is that with 6,000 CrossFit gyms (according to the Wall St. Journal article) or more according to the article below – are their enough qualified trainers and coaches to ensure proper form or tell a trainee to tap out because their form has gone to crap?
This article provides one interesting prospective on CrossFit. Since Garage Workout provides online personal training, we constantly preach to our clients that even if the programming calls for X number of reps, or Y amount of time, once you feel your form start to go it’s time to stop. Injury doesn’t do you or us any good.

If you’re ready to get in great shape, but want to do it on a reasonable budget – APPLY FOR A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION!

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