Calorie Cycling Method

Calorie Cycling Method

There are many diets available on the market these days. With many of them available, it can be confusing to the dieter which to choose according to his or her need to reduce weight. Most diet experts would advise people to use programs they think suits them. It should also be a program that the person believes he or she can follow for great lengths of time. If you tried them all, you may want to try calorie cycling.

This type of diet method is quickly becoming popular. This is because many people can adhere to it. Aside from that, this program lacks many restrictions, unlike the usual diets you will find on the market. With the calorie cycling plan welcomes you to choose the kind of food you eat. But you work in a couple of “high” calorie days during the week.

This cycling calorie concept was created to solve the common problem of dieters when weight loss stalled. This plateau, characterized by the ability to lose weight at the starting point for the program but then weight loss stalls out. The problem is often that the body is able to adapt quickly to the new inputs and one’s metabolic rate stabilizes.

To avoid this, try calorie cycling. What you do here is to establish a program where you take in a certain level of calories below your maintenance level of caloric need – that is the dieter is in calorie deficit. On two days during the week, however, the dieter can take in more than their maintenance level.  In other words, there are days where you maintain a diet low in calories, and there are days when you eat foods high in calories.  Two days rich in calories per week would be desirable.

There are many benefits of following this routine. For example, take holidays and special occasions, you may like days high in calories so you can eat freely. The two high calorie days are not a license to gorge on anything and everything.  If your caloric maintenance level is 2,500 calories per day you would want to have 5 days of approximately 2,000 calories and 2 days of 3,000 calories.

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